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Here you can read some interesting answers to several common garage door related questions. Find out more about garage doors and openers, how to take care and how to deal with springs, cables, and problems with other parts by reading the questions and answers here below.

Can I replace small garage door parts?

You can, but only if you have a specific knowledge on how to do the task. Garage door bearings can be replaced using the right tools and with proper precautions being exercised. If you only want to save on repairs but do not have the tools and experience, it is best to delegate the task.

Why is it difficult to find torsion springs in home improvement stores?

Our experts share that torsion springs are not available in these stores because they are dangerous to work with. For this reason, they are usually being sold only to the experts in the industry. If you have a broken torsion spring, you need to have a professional fix it for you.

What should be the rough opening size of my garage if I am to build one?

The rough opening should measure the same as the door you want to buy. It is recommended to fit the garage door against the rough opening from the inside. The latter is finished with stop molding or exterior perimeter seal to seal wind and rain out.

What causes my garage door to be stuck when I try to close or open it?

This could be due to several reasons. Our technicians say that the hinges or rollers might have to be lubricated. The garage door track could be dirty or misaligned. It may also be due to loose hinges, or something might be blocking the sensors.

Can I fix the garage door springs myself?

The garage door springs are absolutely not recommendable for DIY repair. This part of your heavy garage door is under extreme tension, and requires adjustment of at least 2 individuals. Mishandling can lead to injury or damage to property. Repair or replacement of springs requires technical skills and proper tools and equipment.


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